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Note : i wrote this poem during my school days when i was in my eleventh class 15 yrs old.

New Year….

It was 31st December,10’o clock,

Boys were dancing in a flock.

Girls were lilting in lief,

The atmosphere was full of relief.

Every moment was very exotic,

The harmony of joy was intrisic.

An intense excitement was there,

what had happened noone care.

Hearts were beating,

Eagerness creating.

Pendulum was moving,

whim was drowning.

Then came the period to celebrate,

Time to welcome the happiness at main gate.

The device had already given warm welcome to new year

Party went around with whiskey and beer

Cracking and yelling was everywhere,

Towns and streets roads were filled with cheer.

Rich or poor all were glad,

Gazing the beauty of the year ahead. 🙂


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World Today

The world today is wild with the delirium of aversion

The conflicts are harsh,and unceasing in anguish

Crooked are its paths

Tangled its bounds of allurement

Note: I wrote this poem way back 4 years 🙂

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Well i don’t know how but there came a notion in mind,how difficult had been for almighty to develop a mind of a human.No mystery is as mysterious as human brain.You can’t beat the brain power.There are distinct classes of living beings present on this earth,but still human brain is far more superior.

don’t you feel its amazing??
the way we feel, we sense,we touch,we works,we cry,we laugh,we frown,we smile,we share,we care…………..is supernatural??
These all are controlled by our mind. The power of our mind is unexplainable.Its just because of our mind we are capable enough to do things which seems at times unattainable.The way our mind react to different life situations is a matter of study.
“Expertise feel that this world is full of mysteries .But what i feel…the most mysterious entity in this world is our mind “
One who understand the intrinsic beauty of mind and has control over HIM(mind) has already won the battle of life.No matter what if you have the ability to control your own instincts and emotions then you have already cleared the test of life.
And mind you! its not that easy! we must thank god for gifting human that strength that make him far more ahead of other creatures around this globe.
As i m a computer engineer..so i would like to define mind in my own way…hope you all would bear with me.;)
Human mind consists of two levels or portions.
  • The lower local mind is the (s)elf portion, consisting of the “mechanical” consciousness that is a number of levels of “memory” as well as the more immediate (interim) supervisory levels of consciousness, all of which effect the interface, at quantum levels, with the brain.

  • The upper local mind is the (S)elf or Soul portion, which processes the control and feedback functions of the lower mind’s interface into the overall conceptualizations, thoughts and so much more, of the individual local mind. The upper portion also has the larger “memory” functions (if the upper mind might be called the “hard disk”, then the lower mind is the “cache”) and further overall integration of all mental functioning.
  • Additionally, on the interface side with the Collective (the Collective Consciousness of humanity), which is opposite the brain/mind interface, the individual local mind/Soul now has the abilities to transcend its own consciousness and to access any and all further dimensions of consciousness beyond itself. Of course, the region between lower and upper local mind is where the negativity of Satan, the negative form of consciousness, may hold sway and effect the Veil of Separation, between the lower and upper mind, blocking the awareness of the individual from being able to perceive and even recognize the abilities and existence of the Self/Soul and anything beyond that local mind.

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind 🙂.

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We are far behind  time.
time is leading us in every sense. we are just chasing it. likewise technology at every second is changing.
no one is so called perfect in this whole globe.
Everyone is lacking behind some, in one way or the other.
but the fact is that how we take it.!!                                                    !!
we take it as a challenge or just sit beside and say”leave it!”

There are different group of companies which are at d top most level,reaching the heights of all success .But certainly they themselves are not sure what will happen next.
The whole cooperate is like an ocean having different kind of water bodies.
you never know how dangerous can be a fish who appear to be of small size at one time.
Big fishes in the market just can’t be satisfied with the fact that they are big in size.
They never know they may face a giant fish or may be a whale coming from behind.

if you want to survive in this ocean …Try to get as big as possible in a short period of time.!
you cant take anything for granted!


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This is my very first blog.!!For me a fresh start indeed where i can share my words with the world.I m here for the you the people and my posts will surely relate things about you and I only.I don’t know when this very idea came into my sluggish mind but yeah the fact is that with my efforts and your good wishes i will able to make it a success.
They say there will always be a new day …and i think the day has come =)

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