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World Today

The world today is wild with the delirium of aversion

The conflicts are harsh,and unceasing in anguish

Crooked are its paths

Tangled its bounds of allurement

Note: I wrote this poem way back 4 years 🙂

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Note:I wrote this poem when i was in my Xth standard 13 and half years old and it was appreciated as the best poem for the project and was published in school magazine 🙂


Sometimes the heart sings,and a bell in your mind rings.

Sometimes the eyes cry,

and you’re blown up sky-high.

sometimes a student is mad,

and a teacher feels oh! so bad!

sometimes someone is a tortise,

and the description is hey,quite nice!

sometimes someone is G.K,

and you feel,hey man! OK !

yeah,man sometimes such things do happen,

not always,you know,but all of a very sudden… 🙂

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Love is the devil’s wine,

the rose divine.

The broken heart,

Shakespeare’s art.

Cupid’s arrow,

a path very narrow,

tears plenty,

the ocean empty…


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