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Note : i wrote this poem during my school days when i was in my eleventh class 15 yrs old.

New Year….

It was 31st December,10’o clock,

Boys were dancing in a flock.

Girls were lilting in lief,

The atmosphere was full of relief.

Every moment was very exotic,

The harmony of joy was intrisic.

An intense excitement was there,

what had happened noone care.

Hearts were beating,

Eagerness creating.

Pendulum was moving,

whim was drowning.

Then came the period to celebrate,

Time to welcome the happiness at main gate.

The device had already given warm welcome to new year

Party went around with whiskey and beer

Cracking and yelling was everywhere,

Towns and streets roads were filled with cheer.

Rich or poor all were glad,

Gazing the beauty of the year ahead. 🙂


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World Today

The world today is wild with the delirium of aversion

The conflicts are harsh,and unceasing in anguish

Crooked are its paths

Tangled its bounds of allurement

Note: I wrote this poem way back 4 years 🙂

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Note:I wrote this poem when i was in my Xth standard 13 and half years old and it was appreciated as the best poem for the project and was published in school magazine 🙂


Sometimes the heart sings,and a bell in your mind rings.

Sometimes the eyes cry,

and you’re blown up sky-high.

sometimes a student is mad,

and a teacher feels oh! so bad!

sometimes someone is a tortise,

and the description is hey,quite nice!

sometimes someone is G.K,

and you feel,hey man! OK !

yeah,man sometimes such things do happen,

not always,you know,but all of a very sudden… 🙂

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It’s love..

It’s Love….

“It’s love that makes the world go round

Spreading the language of the hearts

Ans keeps the bond tied between two souls

The bond of emotions-

Laced with smiles,tears,joy and sorrow

Only to lead us into a better tomorrow.”

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